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Skills learned for enrichment of oneself and one another.

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What We Do

“Our mission is to teach life skills and work habits to young adults and children with special needs through the use of construction, woodworking and craft thereby assisting with future employment opportunities.”

“Our Occupational Therapists are licensed and experienced in their field, bringing a passion for craftsmanship and woodworking into a clinical setting."

“We want to share these skills with those who can grow from them and use them to enrich their lives."


Past Projects

Rustic Xmas Tree.png

Rustic Christmas Tree

We brought out the Christmas spirit at a Circle of Friends event in Woodstock, GA. Our OT’s, Ben and James, began by prepping the materials. Materials used were Yellow Pine for the base and middle and cedar for the topping. We used these materials because they have different hardiness ratings and wanted our group to understand that wood strength varies. Using 1 ¼” phillips screws we used a variety of motor, processing and social interaction skills to ensure that everyone finished the Christmas tree and was able to have fun while doing it. This project took 30-40 minutes to complete and is about a 4/10 for difficulty.


Personal Toolbox

Every woodworker and apprentice needs a toolbox! This way they can keep all their tools in one place and make sure that when they clean up they leave a tidy workstation behind them for the next young woodworker. We started with ¾” sanded plywood and cut 2 ends, 2 sides, a bottom and used 1” dowel to make the handle. Under direct supervision our woodworkers used a power drill and a ¼” drill bit to drill a pilot hole for the 1 ½” phillips screws to be hand tightened in after applying glue to the edges. We instructed our apprentices on what pilot holes were for and the correct sizing of screws and the type of glue used. Our OT’s, Ben and James, ensured that our apprentices used motor and processing skills so that the project was completed successfully and safely. Everyone will always have their very own toolbox to keep their shop organized!


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