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Services We Provide

Occupational Therapy

We at SawDustOT individualize sessions by selecting a personal and engaging project that can be created by children and young adults regardless of their specialized needs. 

Crafts can bring both meaning and joy through reinforcing positive memories, having personal expression associated with and incorporate lifelong meaningful skills. 

With our experienced Occupational Therapists at the table assisting with hands on woodworking/craft with your child or young adult they can effectively integrate skills found in construction to assist with everyday challenges and life goals.


Your Craftsmen Develops:

• Interactive woodworking social group projects.

• Sustainable family oriented post group activities.

• Transferable Life and Vocational skills post program .

• Lasting involvement in community.

• Providing a meaningful and empowering creative outlet .

• Skilled and Licensed OT’s that can adapt tasks to meet unique wants and needs.

A Day at Sawdust Looks Like:

All activity is done under the  supervision of our Occupational Therapist's to ensure safety!

• Check in by punching time card and putting on  name tag.

• Put on apron and check the chalkboard for your project.

• Gather necessary supplies

• Begin your build!

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* We accept most major private insurance, Federal insurance (Medicare, Medicaid)

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